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Online shooter Overwatch is a popular Blizzard game that is securely protected with Digital Right Management (DRM), which means Technical Means of copyright protection, so piracy is almost impossible. Even if you managed to hack the game or download a free Overwatch from a torrent or other site, Blizzard will soon ban your account

The network also previously published a method for obtaining a free Overwatch by manipulating the payment of a client on the site This method allows you to play for free for 1-2 days until you are banned. Due to the fact that the method has been known for quite a long time, we cannot guarantee its performance, but we will share it below.

Free Overwatch via

  1. To play Overwatch for free, you will need to create a new account on
  2. When choosing a country, select Germany and create an account.
  3. After creating an account, go to the email and confirm.
  4. Go to the store and go to the game.
  5. Select the payment method “Direct bank transfer”.
  6. When filling out the form, click on the inscription “You do not know your IBAN”.
  7. Fill in the data.
  8. Done! download overwatch and play until you are banned!

Ways to Get Free Overwatch Forever

Above, we looked at ways to get Overwatch for free using prohibited methods that will lead to a guaranteed ban in the future. We offer you ways that will help you get the key for free and forever.

  1. If your friends are playing Overwatch and you are still not on the team with them, you can ask them to help raise money for the game.
  2. Ask for account access from a good friend who plays the shooter game intermittently.
  3. You can also try buying the account of a player who has stopped playing Overwatch. Try searching in social groups for games.
  4. When you are asked what to give you for your birthday, you know what to ask for.
  5. Some popular streamers are giving away free Overwatch keys to their viewers. Such an overwatch will not cost you anything but time.
  6. One of the most popular game analysts, Michael Packter, suggested that the shooter will be free in 2019. The game from Blizzard company will not get too large a new audience due to the price reduction. But the free to play mode will significantly increase the influx of new players, which can have a positive impact on the esports direction of the product, increasing the number of viewers at tournaments and, accordingly, the payback of the game. Most likely, Overwatch is waiting for a quick transition to free-to-play mode.

Also, on the Internet began to appear offers to rent an Overwatch account. If you decide to rent the game, do it on trusted sites with reviews, so as not to become a victim of scammers.

We hope this article will help you become the owner of a licensed game! In any case, do not worry Blizzard quite often arranges a free weekend. So, you will still be able to play Overwatch for free on the weekend.

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